Welcome to my website!  I hope you will toggle around and look at everything and let me know what you like and what I can improve on.  You will notice that when you go to "class info" if you click on the names of the dances we did, it will link  you to the step sheet!!  If you want to look on your own for a step sheet, just go to  www.Copperknob.co.uk  I will not link ALL of them (if they are there from a previous week.  And I plan to keep a couple of months listed.


Check out the 'Let's Dance Day' page.  The playlists are there now.  (Until the new playlist is up, the one from the previous month will be there).  Only a few dances change each month (more after a big event).  :-)  If you want to make requests send them to me by the 15th of the month before the next LDD!!


Look around!!!!!   Enjoy!!!!

My email is:  lindysdancelines@gmail.com


Many thanks to Bradley Mather for this website and lessons!

Let's Dance

Directions to Beardall